About Us

Based in Australia, we are a design and construct firm that brings brands and spaces to life.

Independently owned and operated, Construo delivers the best-in-class construction, fit-out, refurbishment, building and manufacturing service. We connect the dots for you by delivering end-to-end solutions.

Our specialisation ranges across the retail, hospitality, health, office and education sectors.

Each project carried out by Construo respects a series of strong commitments to ensure the success of your work.

A clear, concise and detailed Quote

A single point of contact

Rigorous site monitoring

Regular progress update

The Team

The success of Construo is based on a team with profiles from different trades and sectors of activity. These varied experiences give the company a different approach to execution and delivery of projects. More rigor, more creativity and a lot of motivation.

Blow Bar – Fitout by Construo


Our team’s industry experience across commercial, residential, education, government & industrial sectors means all our solutions are delivered with an understanding of real-world success.

We are a small but talented  team of 8 core members, however, what sets us apart is our amazing 42 member team in our manufacturing warehouse who manufacture, fabricate and install bespoke & high quality products that  bring spaces to life.

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In this ever-evolving market where consumer needs are changing, we also adopt innovative building solutions such as the use of audio & visual, connectivity to activate spaces to deliver a customer experience that is un-paralleled. 

Our warehouse located in Sydney can produce high quality, bespoke joinery, custom stainless steel, and customised signage with fast turnaround times.

Our team can deliver seamless build experiences, time and cost savings for you and your clients by managing the supply chain, procurement (domestic and offshore), goods management, logistics and manufacturing all in-house.

The Construo Commitment

A clear, concise and detailed quote:

By separating the price of supply and labour, Construo allows you to fully control all your costs

Rigorous site monitoring:

A weekly meeting allows a simple and effective follow-up of the progress of the site both in terms of work and deadlines.

A dedicated project manager

A single point of contact who provides the interface between your desires, your needs, and the team that executes them.

An operational back office

A dedicated person permanently ensures, in the office, the follow-up of the orders of material, adjusts the estimates. For a construction company to be effective and successful, this role is essential.

A network of building partners

Construo has various contacts in the building to facilitate your work: architects, designers, interior decorator, manufactures, tradespeople etc.

Certified quality of fittings

Quality is more than ever a necessary guarantee for a successful project, which is why we work with manufacturers with the requisite certifications, whose quality systems comply with Australian standards. .

This guarantee concerns the design but also the manufacture and assistance of all the elements necessary for the realisation of a project.


We implement innovation not only in the design of the project but also in its conception, production and marketing. Our goal is to guarantee you full satisfaction.

Synergistic relationships

We strive to establish a synergistic relationship of dialogue and common growth with our clients and suppliers and this has allowed us to deliver projects that exceed our clients’ expectations time after time.

We recognise that each space and equally, every client’s need is different – this is ‎why we leverage on our relationship with the client to understand how they ‎propose to use the space. In this manner, we strive to be our client’s best partner. ‎Since 2010 when we first opened our doors, this mantra has helped us deliver the ‎best outcome for our clients.‎

Because no two clients are the same, we have put in place a commitment charter to best meet your expectations. It is these commitments, rigor and methodology that has built the success of Consturo.

El Patron – Fitout by Construo


Our specialisation ranges across the hospitality, office, retail and health sectors.